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Roof Replacement Services

J.R. Swigart has been serving the Washington, Oregon, and Idaho regions since 1995. We specialize in all aspects of the low slope roofing application process, including tear-offs and reroofing. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible service, quality, and protection their buildings can have.

How Long Does a Roof Last?

In order to protect your building, it’s important to know how long your roofing system lasts — and different materials have different lifespans. If you believe you need a new roof, J.R. Swigart is your local source for experienced roof replacement contractors. We’ll inspect your existing roof and determine if it does need replacing or not.

Roof Lifespan

Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

Whether you have TPO or PVC, your roofing won’t last forever. If you’re unsure when your current roofing system was installed, our roofing contractors will inspect it and let you know if it needs a reroof. While we specialize in single-ply roofing, we’re experienced in other systems as well and we’ll happily provide you with your tear-off and reroof.

Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

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Why Choose J.R. Swigart as your Roof Replacement Contractor?

When you choose J.R. Swigart for your commercial roofing needs, you are getting the best possible roofing products and services available. We understand a roof is an investment, and it should last you for many years.

Roofing is a vital part of helping protect your building. Having a skilled team of roof replacement contractors will help ensure your roofing stays leak-free, is energy-efficient, and remains durable as it’s designed to be. When you choose J.R. Swigart, your business will not be interrupted, the tear-off and reroof application will go smoothly and on schedule. We’re also insured, so you can rest at ease knowing you’re protected as we perform our work.

We take pride in our abilities to offer comprehensive services for all of your roofing needs.

  • We are dedicated to quality and exceptional customer service
  • We provide the newest technologies and best possible products
  • We provide expert commercial roofing installation and services
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