Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

Signs that Your Roof Needs Replacing by J.R. Swigart Roofing in Pasco WAHas your roof experienced water leakage lately? Or have you noticed an increase in your power bill? At some point, every roofing system will need to be completely torn off and replaced. Learn more about what signs to look for in your roofing system and if you have any questions, J.R. Swigart can help. Contact us today, we’re experts at roof tear-offs and replacements!

Roof Replacement Signs

Some roofs have reached the point where repair or restoration are no longer options, replacement is sometimes the only viable option. Consider the factors below as you weigh your options.

  • History of water leakage
  • Amount of damage
  • Age of roofing system
  • Rising energy bills
  • Type of business conducted in the facility

If you’re thinking about roof replacement, contact J.R. Swigart. Our roofing contractors will take the time to carefully consider which options are best for your building and budget.

What’s Involved in the Roof Replacement Process?

  • Roof tear-off: removing old materials and replacing it with a new roof.
  • Clean-up: after we’ve installed your new roof, we’ll perform a full cleanup

When you hire J.R. Swigart to replace your roofing system, we will do it with care, avoiding any damage to your property and landscaping. We also understand that your business needs to continue operations during the roof replacement process so we minimize our obstruction to parking facilities and entryways.

Benefits of Roof Replacement

New roofing will keep your building well-equipped for years. Below are some of the benefits of roof replacement.

  • Inspection of roof deck: if there was any rotting or damage, contractors can make the necessary repairs
  • Higher quality: since the entire roof is replaced, contractors can ensure your roof remains watertight
  • Adds value: a brand new roof can add value to your building
  • Best long-term option: systems often last up to 20 years or more
  • Peace of mind: manufacturer’s no-dollar-limit guarantees are available up to 20 years

Experiencing Membrane Roof Problems?

If your roof is showing some of the signs listed above, it may be toward the end of its lifespan. If this is the case, we recommend you not wait too long to have it replaced. It could retain moisture and potentially damage your roof deck, insulation, or even building itself turning into costly repairs.

This first step you’ll want to take for a roof replacement is to contact an experienced roofing contractor, like J.R. Swigart. We’ll inspect your current roofing system and provide you with a quote based on its condition. We are highly-skilled, hardworking, and we take pride in giving our customers a quality roof at a fair price. So contact J.R. Swigart today for your next roof replacement project, we look forward to serving you!