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Roof Coatings and Sealants by JR Swigart Roofing in Tri-Cities WA Sealing your flat roof can help extend its life. Many roofs need to be sealed every two years to stay in optimal condition. They may also need to be re-sealed after a severe storm. Applying roof coatings is a quick and simple process and can a long way in keeping your building leak-free.

Benefits of Roof Sealant

When you apply a roof coating or roof sealant, you give your membrane new life. Here are some of the added benefits of roof coatings:

  • Prevent leaks
  • Provide better energy efficiency
  • Improved indoor comfort
  • Improve the aesthetics
  • Economical compared to a roof replacement

Sealant Application Process

  1. Inspect roof for cracks. Remove any flaking or loose seal coat using a wire brush. Sweep away debris.
  2. Wash the roof with trisodium phosphate (TSP) or whatever cleaning method the manufacturer warrants.
  3. Rinse the roof and wait for it to dry
  4. Cover seams and edges of flashing
  5. Apply primer
  6. Apply seal coat if the weather permits. Some seal coats may require a certain temperature and humidity level for adequate curing.
  7. Inspect the seal coat after it dries and apply touch-ups if necessary

Experts in Roof Coatings

If you’re concerned your existing roof may be at risk of leaks or holes a roof coating may be perfect for you. Roof coatings are applied directly to your existing roof. They are designed to repair minor issues, helping further protect your building. Roof coatings are cost-effective and the process is quick — you may not even know we’re there!

At JR Swigart, we will apply roof coatings to any roofing system you may have. If you’d like a free quote today, just contact us. JR Swigart has been providing exceptional service for over 24 years and we take pride in giving our customers a quality roof at a fair price.

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