New Construction Roofing

New Construction Commercial Roofing Services by J.R. Swigart in Tri-Cities WACommercial buildings, especially those with low slope or flat roofs, need to have roofs that are durable and long-lasting as they help protect your business from water leaks and provide energy efficiency.

J.R. Swigart provides comprehensive new construction roofing for commercial buildings throughout the Pacific Northwest. We have installed hundreds of commercial roofing from government buildings to retail businesses. We provide the newest technologies and the best possible products.

Install Your New Construction Roofing Up to Code

If you’re about to have a new roof installed on your building, you know codes and regulations can make or break your project. There are codes for fire resistance, structural performance, and energy efficiency. Different codes have different requirements and those can vary depending on your location. When J.R. Swigart is providing your new roof construction, you’ll rest at ease knowing we’ve installed it up to code. Our roofing contractors are licensed in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. We’re also bonded and insured.

Roof Construction for New Buildings

Our highly sought after new construction roofing services are performed by only using the best technologies available. J.R. Swigart has worked on a wide range of construction projects, large and small. So whether you’re having a new industrial site built or a retail business, contact us. We’ve got the large commercial project experience you need and we’ll make sure your new roof construction goes off without a hitch!

We specialize in commercial and industrial single-ply roofing and we take pride in giving our customers a quality roof for a fair price. Because of our proven commitment to performance, reliability, and service, we have earned GAF’s “President’s Club Award” and have received GAF Master Select™ status– which is only given to less than 2% of roofing contractors nationwide. This status recognizes contractors who’ve distinguished themselves by the highest standards of excellence, customer satisfaction, and dependability.