TPO Roofing

TPO roofing is highly popular due to its energy-efficiency. With TPO roofs, you get the cost of rubber roofing and the hot-air welded seams of PVC roofing. TPO can be self-adhered or mechanically attached. TPO roofing lasts between 20 to 30 years.

What is TPO Roofing?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a vinyl type of material used to cover flat top roofs. It was introduced to the roofing market in the 1990s and has grown in popularity ever since because of its energy efficiency and durability. TPO roofing systems are highly reflective. They reflect nearly 90 percent of the sun’s rays away from your structure, helping cut cooling costs. They also provide wind uplift resistance and are puncture-resistant.

TPO roofs come in a variety of thicknesses from 45 mil to 80 mil. They’re also available in the colors white and gray. TPO is suitable for all types of facilities.

What are the Benefits of a TPO Roof?

  • Energy-efficient
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Resistant to wind
  • Resistant to chemicals and pollutants
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Versatile

In addition to the above benefits, TPO roofing systems and Energy Star-certified and provide LEED credit qualification.

How is TPO Roofing Installed?

TPO roofing systems are typically head-welded to the roofing deck, but they can be ballasted or mechanically attached as well. TPO sheets come large so they provide for quick installation, helping reduce any interruptions to your business. Because temperature plays a major factor in the installation process, it’s important that this type of membrane be professionally installed.

Professional TPO Roofing Installation

TPO is arguably the most popular type of roofing for commercial buildings. It provides long-term durability against a wide range of climates and is highly energy efficient. If you’re unsure if TPO roofing is right for your building, contact J.R. Swigart. We’ll inspect your building and help you decide which type of material will work best for your needs and your budget while offering the best protection your structure needs. Our TPO products are manufactured by GAF one of the country’s leading roofing suppliers. So for professional TPO roofing installation in the Pacific Northwest contact J.R. Swigart. We look forward to serving you!