Signs Your Roof Is Beyond Repairs

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Signs that your commercial roof is beyond repair by JR Swigart Roofing in Tri-Cities WAYour roof was designed to last decades, but if it’s past its prime and you’re experiencing constant issues, your roof may be beyond repairs. Below are some more common signs that your roof is beyond repairs and needs to be entirely replaced. And if you are experiencing any of these issues, contact the expert roofing contractors at JR Swigart. We provide single-ply roofing solutions for commercial and industrial buildings!

Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs

  • Constant Water Leaks – If your roof suffers a lot of water ponding, the drainage on your roof may be clogged or you may need a more effective drainage system.
  • Numerous Missing Fasteners –  When your roof is exposed to moisture it causes it to expand and contract more than it would regularly. This movement over time causes fasteners to come out.
  • Major Tears –  Hail, fallen tree limbs, even someone stepping on a nail can potentially puncture a membrane, no longer keeping your roof protected.
  • Blistering – Blistering or bubbles are common in commercial roofing. They most often occur from poor installation.
  • Open Seams – As the roof ages, the surface will begin to develop open seams. If these are not repaired, water can penetrate your roof deck and insulation, causing damage.

Contact us if You’re Experiencing Roof Failure

While some of these issues may be resolved by repairs, it’s important that we understand the extent of the roof’s condition. An old, damaged roof can cause water to seep into your insulation, roof deck, and facility, diminishing its structural integrity. It can also create a fire hazard if water reaches your electrical components.

If you’re concerned about your roof, contact JR Swigart. We’ll inspect your roof and its components and help you find a roofing solution that works with your needs and your budget. We’re known for our high standard of excellence and customer satisfaction, and we take pride in giving our customers a quality roof for a fair price.

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Signs Your Roof Is Beyond Repairs in Vancouver WA - Olympia - Tri-Cities - Portland OR


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