Roof Overlay

Roof Overlay by J.R. Swigart Roofing in Pasco WAIf your roofing is structurally sound and you need a cost-effective solution for roofing, a roof overlay is an option. Roof overlays involve overlaying new roofing over your current roofing. J.R. Swigart provides roof overlay services to major cities in the Pacific Northwest.

What is Roof Overlay?

Roof overlay also called a roof over is adding new roofing over the top of your existing roof without removing it. This is a great cost-effective option is your building is structurally sound — because it means more weight is being added. Keep in mind roof overlays can only be permitted by code if only one existing roof is on the building. It’s important to work with an experienced roofing contractor, like J.R. Swigart to determine if this is an option for your building first.

What Are the Benefits of a Roof Overlay?

While we prefer to completely tear-off your existing roof and install a new roof, there are some benefits of a roof overlay including:

  • They are less expensive than re-roofing
  • They take less time to install since there is no tear-off
  • Adds another layer of protection

A quality roof over should be smooth with the former roofing undetectable. Your roofing should also have adequate ventilation and drainage or your roofing/building runs the risk of being damaged.

What are the Disadvantages of a Roof Overlay?

  • They can add weight to your roof
  • We can’t inspect your decking for damage, water leaks, and more
  • They can negatively affect your building’s resale value
  • They don’t last as long as new roofing
  • When your roofing does need replacing, it will require more work since contractors will need to remove two layers of roofing
  • Roof overlays are not visually appealing

At J.R. Swigart, we believe in quality workmanship, if we feel your structure will benefit more from a re-roof, we will let you know.

Professionals in Roof Overlay Application

Whether you’re interested in a roof overlay or an entirely new roof, J.R. Swigart is here for you. We’ll inspect your structure and existing roof and determine if a roof overlay is a viable option for you. While we specialize in only single-ply roofing, we have the experience and knowledge to install other types of roofing to your structure.

All of the roofing contractors at J.R. Swigart are licensed, bonded, and insured. We’re also GAF Master Select™ certified, proving we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, customer satisfaction, and dependability. So contact us today for your next roof overlay, we look forward to serving you!